Speed Bump

A true live product demo, proving the Range Rover Evoque's capability credentials are as useful in the city as they are in the wild.

The brief

Briefed as part of an agency-wide Social Content challenge, local teams were tasked with taking what is considered the most urban of Land Rovers – the Range Rover Evoque – and demonstrating its class-leading off-road capability in the city.

Do you know how I get round? I'm not sure my car's that good of a 4x4!

BMW X3 driver

the approach

We found our inspiration on the street. An obstacle that is the bane of every motorist’s life… the speed bump. We decided to create our own – the world’s largest speed bump – measuring 10m wide, 1.5m high and 6m deep.

This enormous obstacle would be the most challenging speed bump anyone had ever encountered. Built to a height and gradient that only our Range Rover Evoque could approach and climb over (just) with less than a centimetre to spare.

Real people and real reactions were key. We positioned our Speed Bump in public on a London street for the day and hid ourselves away with a multitude of hidden cameras to watch what unfolded…

The achievements

Amassing over 53 million organic views on the Global channel, making it the most viewed Land Rover film on YouTube ever. This piece not only appealed to the masses, but also did a great job at driving awareness of Range Rover Evoque, as well as wider brand awareness, with many large publications reporting on the stunt across the globe.