Now We're Talking

Reinventing Tetley with an exciting new Masterbrand campaign to get everyone talking.

The challenge

Tetley Tea. A staple of British culture for over 180 years. While still loved, this iconic brand had started to lose its way. It lacked modern day relevancybeing seen as a slightly weatherworn for old people rather than a fresh, current brand for everyone. We needed to lift it back up with a more meaningful positioning, fresh identity and a whole new creative campaign that captured the hearts and minds of the nation.


Our journey started with a cultural insight: societally, we have become increasingly fragmented. We don’t connect with friends and loved ones as we used to and yet the more united we are, the more whole we feel. We have simply forgotten how good it is to talk face-to-face. We were perfectly placed to help solve this problem because nothing gets the nation talking quite like a cup of tea.


‘Now We’re Talking’ encourages conversationshowing everyone how Tetley can get anyone to talk – even a cat and dog. The TV campaign features Ellaa sharp-talking cat with a dry Northern wit and Dave, a friendly, slightly whimsical dog. These characters represent the nation, showing how lighthearted banter brings us closer together. We also created a series of social films like ‘Milk first or last?’, to prompt conversation.

Our mission is to re-establish Tetley Tea as a category leader by transforming our already much-loved brand and making it more modern and for everyone. By creating and implementing an emotionally engaging idea that Tetley can own across every consumer touch point and channel.

Cassie Shuttlewood

Marketing Manager UK & Ireland,
TATA Global Beverages