Land of Land Rovers

Capturing a place frozen in time where Land Rovers rule the roost

The challenge

To celebrate 70 years of Land Rover, we were briefed to document what is known locally as the Land of Land Rovers. An ex-tea plantation which thrived off of old Series Land Rover vehicles which were used to ferry everything from workers to supplies around the local area. When the tea plantatation disbanded, the community adopted the old Land Rovers and they have since become part of the life and soul of the community; keeping them connected to the outside world. The brief was simple – capture this moment in time before it is lost forever. 


We took a documentary style approach, capturing the essence of the Land of Land Rovers taking the viewer on a journey across the challenging terrain that the locals face every day. Using cut downs of the main film to drive into the hero piece hosted on YouTube, there were also respective product films which focus on the New Discovery’s key features.


Amassing over 4 million views on the Indian channel as well as 88,000 fully organic views on the global channel, this piece not only appealed to the masses, but also did a great brand job for Land Rover with many large publications across the globe.