Father & Son

Africa's most travelled adventurers put the New DEFENDER through its paces for the first time.


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The background

The Kingsley Holgate Foundation are Africa’s most travelled Explorers, who use adventure to improve and save lives. They have travelled to some of Africa’s most far-flung places over decades of humanitarian missions, putting previous generation Land Rover DEFENDERS through their paces. They’ve reached the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost and westernmost points of the continent and found its geographical centre. Now, it’s time for their next chapter – matching their will for making a difference on the continent and beyond with New DEFENDER, the most capable Land Rover ever made.


The idea for this film was to show the new Land Rover DEFENDER paying homage and bending the knee to the previous generation iconic DEFENDER via the modern-day explorers Kingsley and Ross Holgate, who are preparing to embark on a new adventure.


Using the narration of the intrepid explorer Kingsley, we created a poetic storytelling film where he passes on the wisdom he has gained from many years of exploring with his son Ross. Using the analogy of ‘the journey’ they have made in various Land Rovers over the years, he recounts a universal story, which has parallels with the trials and tribulations we all face in life. The new DEFENDER has big shoes to fill, but it is just the beginning of a new voyage of discovery for Kingsley, Ross and their new vehicles.

The series consisted of a two minute feature film, four x15″ trailers and four x Features & Benefit films.

Over the decades we’ve become very familiar with the previous DEFENDER. While we salute its departure, the arrival of this completely reimagined version of the legend will enable us to do so much more.

Ross Holgate