China's Effie-winning campaign to launch F-PACE


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The challenge

China’s car market is immense and crowded with over 100 car brands, including international nameplates with decade’s-long foothold. Jaguar needed to grab attention, differentiate itself and highlight its performance pedigree. To do that, we took Jaguar’s first-ever crossover, the F-PACE, on a breath-taking, record-breaking ride.


First, we announced the construction of a 19.1-meter loop on the Huangpu River in downtown Shanghai. “We’re driving F-PACE upside down.” Anticipation spread across the Chinese internet like a grease fire. We fanned the flames by letting consumers vote on the driver. The final two drivers competed in 3 social videos whose cliffhanger ended in a live stream of the POWER LOOP.


As F-PACE defied gravity, people held their breath. The livestream of the event itself saw over 38 million viewers; beating our KPI by 90%. Not only did we get some serious attention for F-PACE, but the campaign drove a 50% increase in leads and a 10% increase in sales. Not only did the campaign achieve great success for the Jaguar brand, it won a Silver Effie; the advertising industry’s ultimate praise.

The F-PACE is a family car that is fast, fun and full of charisma, so completing the world's largest loop was the perfect reveal moment. The F-PACE is packed full of innovative technology and features the world's most-advanced in-car entertainment system, matched with super-fast wifi connectivity. Customers are going to go loopy for the Jaguar F-PACE.

Fiona Pargeter

Jaguar Land Rover