Dull and Boring

Twin towns Dull and Boring become anything but when Jaguar F-TYPE pays a visit.


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The Challenge

How do you demonstrate the thrilling experience of driving a Jaguar F-TYPE – in an authentic, engaging and persuasive way – to people online?


We created a suite of online films to show how the Jaguar F-TYPE is such an exhilarating car to drive, it can transform even the most dull and boring journeys into exciting ones.

We invited two sets of genuine best friends to put it to the test in their home towns:
Dull, in Scotland – population 84, and Boring, Oregon – population 8,200.


The campaign kicked off in the US on “National Dull & Boring Day” in August 2017, with the UK following in September. Both campaigns are still live, with global markets expected to roll out soon.

We wanted to show the world what Jaguar is really about: the thrill of driving. And what better way to do that than handing an F-TYPE to people in the towns Dull and Boring - when Jaguar is anything but?

Scott Dicken

Marketing Director,
Jaguar Land Rover UK