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Results count, but people matter. Attracting and retaining the best of talent is what stops us from ever being just business as usual.

Ali McManus, Global HR Director, Spark44

To do the best work of our lives

We have assembled a collection, a citizenship, a community of diverse people from all over, in and out of the industry, brainiacs and artists, analysts and scientists with one burning common itch, and just when we think we did. We itch to do it again.

Image of Spark44 Advertising Agency Talent, Employees

Work the work, together

We believe stand-out, award-winning work is correlated to marketplace performance. This agreement in principle moves away from the “selling-buying” of agency work to a mutual advertising development process culturally. This accomplishes two very important things. The first, as equal partners, it pays respect for the agencies abilities and views as to what makes for greatness, but at the same time, given our ownership, agencies motives are clear and therefore intentions never stray from what is required for the brand.

Photo of Monique Martino, Creative at Spark44 Global Advertising Agency

The Spark44 approach builds a company of makers, entrepreneurs, visioneers.

Monique Martino, Creative, LA

Spark44 inspires me to be great. I am part of a team that takes world renowned brands to astounding heights.

Kim Pilaelo, Senior Account Manager , Johannesburg

Spark44 is a great adventure, or nothing.

Jenny Kim, Designer, Seoul

For the first time in my career, I am making work that I am fiercely proud of. It’s amazing what happens when you work for people who genuinely support, respect and inspire you.

Laura Brown, Art Director, Sydney

At Spark44, you’re empowered to lead from the front and raise the bar across everything you do; it’s inspiring to work in such a driven and ambitious team.

James Honnan-Mellett, Editorial Director, London

An agency without hierarchy or barriers. Everyone’s voice is heard, and we all work on keeping up the good vibes.

Beatriz Bengoa, Account Director, Madrid

Every day, we all choose to challenge ourselves in every new project, going above what’s expected in the dynamic digital world.

Mike Ribeiro, Social Media Manager, São Paulo

Spark44 is a global community of talent without borders.

Indrani Balakrishnan, Account Director, Singapore

I’m inspired to view challenges as opportunity to improve.

Aaron Burgess, Project Manager, Birmingham

Being nurtured and pushed by the best mentors I’ve ever had, I’ve grown tenfold both personally and professionally since I started at Spark44.

Ryan Mason, Content Strategist, New York

A unique Spark44 structure gives me confidence to know that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Pavel Basov, Senior Account Manager, Moscow

We are like The Avengers or Justice League: we always have each other’s back to do great work.

Abdulrahman Khalil, Retail Account Manager, Dubai

Our Thing

When you feel you are a co-owner, everything changes. Relationships. Working styles. Pride. Results. All born of a sense of ownership. One of the first discoveries any new employee makes is how quickly communication silos dissolve. Vexing turf wars and reluctance to collaborate quickly evaporate as no one enters here with motivations other than applying their skill and talents to solve the brand problem effectively.


When talent finds an environment where good work is recognised it does not move on to the next employer – only 19% of staff leave Spark44 on an annual basis compared to 35% within the global advertising industry.

Image of Spark44 employee retention rate 50% better than advertising industry