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Unparalleled Journeys - CRM Above and Beyond

Six Legendary Drives. Two Legendary Vehicles.



above average conversion rate

41 x

cost of production as ROL


Award Winner at the DMA International Echo Awards

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Range Rover has enjoyed true flagship status in the United States of America over decades. But 2016 was poised to be a game-changing year. The SUV was increasing in popularity, however new competitors had begun putting pressures on Land Rover’s established flagship vehicle. A based on an evolving cultural truth: life experiences are the new materialism, we set out to reinforce the legendary capability and luxury of the vehicles.

Image of CRM, Data Planning and Analytics, Social Media Case Study - Spark44

A CRM and social media program was conceived leveraging the insight that life experiences are the “new materialism”. The initiative was named “Unparalleled Journeys” – leveraging Range Rover´s legacy, technology, performance, capability and luxury. Curated adventures were bringing the vehicles to life, while expressing both the tangible/intangible values of ownership and piquing emotional/rational desires.

Delivering on this “new materialism” – more and more people are seeking out happiness and exclusivity through experiences and memories, rather than “just” buying goods.

Image of CRM, Data Planning and Analytics, Social Media Case Study - Spark44

The strategy focused on an affluent target audience composed of 64 percent without brand history and 34 percent who had either expressed interest or owned a Range Rover, as well as the insight that discerning Range Rover drivers seek out the unordinary.

The direct mail piece arrived in a form of an impressive high quality book describing the different routes and detailing vehicle attributes to each road’s terrain and essence. Six stories based on great American roads were curated and tied into the benefits of Range Rover vehicles—legacy, technology, diesel, performance, capability and luxury. The end result went beyond a product brochure. It was a curated adventure bringing Range Rover to life by expressing both the tangible and intangible values of ownership—piquing the emotional and rational desires of the audience.


CRM, Data Planning and Analytics, Social Media

A great insight led to a great concept - delivered in a high quality execution that is Range Rover through and through. The results created a new benchmark for our CRM program.

Joe Torpey, National Communications Manager, Jaguar Land Rover USA