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Jaguar F-TYPE ‘The Art of Sound’

Using the science of cymatics to visualise the iconic F-TYPE's exhaust roar.



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The Jaguar F-TYPE SVR is famous for its distinctive exhaust note. So we set out to use the famous roar to power a piece of visual art which would celebrate the precision of Jaguar’s engineering.

But how do you visualise sound? Using the science of cymatics, we were able to make sound waves visible by using vibrations to shift particles across a surface, creating unique patterns.

A 575PS Jaguar F-TYPE SVR was placed on a rolling road and surrounded in a grid by vibration plates. As the car accelerated, the precision exhaust note was amplified through these vibration plates to create a responsive visual spectacle. Each plate created exact patterns which shifted and evolved in complexity as the exhaust note rose in pitch and volume.

The resulting film was released across Jaguar’s social channels worldwide, and a behind‑the‑scenes film showed exactly how the art was created in real life and real time, with the red F‑TYPE SVR roaring away at the very centre of the action.


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The passion we put into our cars isn’t limited to how they look. It is very much about how they sound and make you feel. They have a visceral quality, accentuated through the engine notes.

Andy Parker, Head of Digital Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover