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Together, we have transformed the way we do business – and we continue doing so.

Gerd Mäuser, Chief Marketing Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

The Bottom Line – Two and more successful brands

Driving this transformation has made two iconic brands re-emerge in the automotive world. Growth in familiarity, appeal and desirability have transformed into considerable volume growth – not just by adding new models but by extending their relevance overall. Jaguar and Land Rover have enjoyed record-breaking performance on a worldwide basis.

Doubling the sales volume within 5 years is unprecedented in the premium automotive category – a true success story for Jaguar and Land Rover.

Image of Spark44 return on investment for Jaguar Land Rover

Consolidating over 60 agency relationships into one high performance team

Revolutionary. Cost efficient. Radical. More than 60 individual agency relationships were aggregated into one team; the savings in agency fees were very substantial with production savings also more significant than originally estimated. These savings are all reflected in an open book for everyone to see; every number, every item, everywhere.

Image of Ralf Specht talking about the Spark44 agency vision
Image of Spark44 transforming partnership into high performing team

Putting our money where it matters most

A financial model that liberates – what sounds like an oxymoron is achievable because our staff are dedicated 100% to our client’s business and are not distracted by other client opportunities.

During the last six years, we’ve achieved aggregate savings for Jaguar Land Rover which equate to almost 50% of the total retainer fees we are due to receive from them this year.

And these savings in fees and production costs only go to one place – to serve our client.