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This is not about 'we' and 'they'.
This is about 'us'!

Hans Riedel, Chairman Emeritus, Spark44

Spark44 is the World's First Global Client/Agency Joint Venture Model

With decades of experience grappling with an immovable industry, a joint team of client and agency leaders decided it was time to create something different. Perhaps the first truly new model in decades with four key objectives: Drive Change, Create Efficiency, Provide Focus, Deliver Excellence.

Image of Ralf Specht talking about the Spark44 agency vision
Image of Demand Creation Model, Spark44

The idea was simple yet industry shattering. A business partnership between client and agency delivering on what clients and agencies cry out for: a shared platform for mission, excellence, transparency, unity and a business driving focus. We distilled the essence of this new kind of company to its ultimate expression:

Image of Spark44 logo design

An independent company and culture

Key to the model is what it is not. Not a holding company mash up, or an in-house agency. Spark44 is an independent, free standing company with a distinct culture, mission and practices.

Shared goals, shared investment, complete transparency

Spark44 is a shared investment, which means open book, complete financial transparency as well as shared results and profitability. It’s skin in the game… common objectives, burdens, and successes. Shared responsibilities for both the business and creative solutions that drive it.

The Shared Partners Model

Spark44 is a joint venture between Jaguar Land Rover and Spark44 management. Equal risk – equal reward. It is governed by a board of directors with representatives from both parties plus an independent chairman.

Image of Spark44 joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover

Single shared P&L

The model is singular: one central P&L across all locations, all specialisation and all regions. One holistic dedicated client team. This means one thing: the lion’s share of people and resources of this company are free from chasing clients, grabbing revenue but focused on driving results for our single client.

Building new models with new clients

With the success of the joint venture partnership for Jaguar Land Rover now well established, Spark44 will now open for additional companies and brands by setting up a select number of client/agency partnership joint ventures.

We’ll follow the ownership structure with 50% of any new joint venture owned by the new client partner and the remaining 50% owned by Spark44. This will provide complete separation from any other brand or company preserving the unique client dedication model that has given us such success.

Let's build one together

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