Triple gong at the DMAs for Spark44 and Land Rover

Last night, Spark44 together with Land Rover and Edit took home three trophies at the DMA Awards 2019 for the Range Rover Evoque, Triggering a Reaction direct mail.

The DMAs are renowned amongst the industry as “rewardingly hard to win”. They are for those brave enough to be scrutinised against their insight, use of data, creativity, and above all, return on investment. Rewarding only the work that pushes our industry forward.

Triggering a Reaction topped the categories for Automotive and Best use of Mail while a  Silver was received for Best use of Customer Journey. 2019 marks the 2nd consecutive year Spark44 have topped the Automotive category.

The campaign needed to get time starved potential buyers behind the wheel of the new Range Rover Evoque. However, these tech savvy consumers are bombarded by digital marketing, know the value of their data and so are unlikely to opt-in to email communications. Whilst direct mail cuts through in a world of digital, it lacks the immediacy needed to connect the customer journey.

Triggering a Reaction was the world’s first use of WND Network and Sigfox technology within direct mail, enabling the recipient to book a test drive with a single push of a replica Evoque Stop-Start button. The radio transmission technology allowed us to connect the ignition button to the recipients local Land Rover Retailer. The luxury direct mail, which was personalised to each customer, carried the ‘push’ to our CRM system that, in turn, delivered the test drive request to the Retailer. This triggered an SMS and email to the recipient confirming the booking and that the Retailer would be in touch. All this happened in real time, in a GDPR-compliant manner that required no sign up, pre-interaction, Bluetooth, tethering or Wi-Fi connection.

The combination of data-driven marketing and insight-based creative led to an unprecedented 44% response rate, or over 2,000 test drive requests.

Chris Newby, Head of JLR’s UK Account at Spark44 comments, “We know our audience are hard wired to expect things at the touch of a button. We know they are intrigued by technology and so inspiring them to act, takes more than just traditional digital or mail communications.

Winning three DMAs really is testament to the amazing team we have at Spark44, who constantly strive to look for ways in which to improve the customer journey for our clients. Their innovative use of technology and creativity combined with their fearlessness to push boundaries and go places no-one else has, is what makes this campaign industry leading.”

The campaign was praised for being a pioneering example in how to bring traditional mail into the digital world. A seamlessly integrated campaign that bodes not only great results and ROI, but one that has paved the way for a new innovative approach that spans well beyond just the automotive industry.

Matt Statham, Creative Director, Spark44 comments, “The team worked extremely hard to ensure the direct mail emulated the striking technology and design of the new Evoque, in a way that would convert this easily distracted audience to a test drive. It revealed the car’s alluring design and features via seductive images and copy, building up the suspense which ended with a replica of the Evoque’s glowing stop-start button, which recipients simply couldn’t resist pushing.”