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Test Drive Events in a different way: Doubling online shopping activity and showroom traffic through storytelling.


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Launching the Jaguar XE in the heart of the premium luxury sedan market requires different strategies than just the traditional broadcast approach. For Jaguar this new, younger target audience was an opportunity to rethink launching a car in an always-on environment. The XE target group “lives” in an increased fragmented and digitalised media channel environment – consumer behavior has changed to mobile first or even mobile only. The need for more segmented storytelling was paramount since the same car is not the same for everybody.

A pre-order program for XE was born – creating an opportunity for consumers to experience the car and ultimately learn about the Jaguar brand. This experience allowed XE intenders and those interested in the Jaguar brand to get a behind-the-scenes access into the cinematic world of Jaguar and be among the first in the U.S. to drive the all-new car. The program was titled “The Art of Performance Tour” – with digital technology, driver connectivity and socially shareable content at its core. While the multi-city, six-month tour let consumers in different cities drive the car, those test drivers became the hero in a very short action film ready to be shared after their experience via their social channels. The events were promoted through Facebook and Instagram to let people share the experience. It started with “The Audition”.

The setup put participants in a film starring actor Graham McTavish. Invitees show up to the test drive location, but before test driving the XE, they where invited do seven different takes that insert them into a chase narrative of reacting to quick turns, exploding vehicles, and making a getaway. The scenes where inserted into the story narrative, with the completed video delivered to the participants phone in real time via VideoBridge. Facebook’s video functionality allowed participants to upload clips as profile video.

#TheAudition was the official hashtag for the tour. The hashtag truly went beyond social, as it was also used throughout the event on the wristbands, step & repeat and even on the actual vehicles.
Driving impact across the board targeted CRM in paid social for each citiy was used to drive RSVPs leveraging content created from each prior event. Eight influencers were engaged to support with posts on their channels and also create numerous image assets to be used on Jaguar’s owned social channels. Key Jaguar ownwers created 12,000 content threads alone.

The Audition case is an excellent example of cross-discipline collaboration with multiple partners, including Mindshare Entertainment , Automotive Events, and an amazing partnership with Instagram and Facebook to bring this unique experience to life.


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