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Inferno Downhill Challenge

Range Rover Sport attempts a driving challenge no car has ever done before.


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When picturing the Swiss Alps, the word “inferno” isn’t something that usually springs to mind. For those who know it though, the Schilthorn range in Mürren, Switzerland has been home to the Inferno Challenge since it was born in 1928. The “Inferno Downhill” race was designed for skiers–insane skiers–to go down really, really fast. It was not designed for cars. As part of a series of “Driven Challenges” we wanted to put the Range Rover Sport to the ultimate test.

Previous challenges racing up Pikes Peak in Colorado and crossing the ‘Empty Quarter’ in Saudi Arabia have showcased the performance, agility and technology of the Range Rover Sport, but with this challenge we wanted to do that on a whole new level. Instead of going up a mountain or across off-road terrain, we wanted to attempt coming downhill – at speed.

The stunt is part of a campaign that pits the vehicle against the elements. In this spot, the vehicle tackles the Inferno Mürren, the oldest surviving downhill ski race in the world. Professional driver Ben Collins was given the task of navigating the course and its range of terrains including sheet ice, snow and rock. Known for its speed and optimum performance, both on and off-road, Range Rover Sport was the perfect vehicle to attempt the very same course during the snow-free summer. The Range Rover Sport was modified only with the addition of a roll cage, seat harness and reinforced tyres.

The campaign ran across TV, cinema, print, out of home, digital and social under the hashtag #DrivenChallenges. Utilising a variety of still and video content the “Inferno Challenge” was rolled out over the course of three weeks focusing on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram delivering various cuts of the TV commercial, the actual race, behind the scenes material and and influencer assets. A final documentary lives on the Land Rover website highlighting the features of the Range Rover Sport and its capabilities.


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That's the hardest thing I've ever done.

Ben Collins, British Race Car Driver