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Changing the game with British charm - Launching Jaguar F-PACE and XE in the US

The "Guide to Manners" social media campaign tells unique stories about the world of Jaguar.



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video views over benchmark


point brand lift in ad recall amongst 35-44 years olds

Doubling sales in the United States within one calendar year was the objective for Jaguar – hence converting prospects into Jaguar owners was vital for the launches of Jaguar XE and F-PACE. For many of these prospects familiarity with the Jaguar brand was still low – thus they may not be actively shopping nor see Jaguar yet in their consideration set. “Guide to Manners” was created – exploring the “rules” every Jaguar adheres to. The campaign leveraged social media channels where this target audience spends much of their time and generates organic word of mouth.

The work builds on how the brand has been depicted in major campaigns from a style, wit and charm perspective – maintaining Jaguar´s position of changing the game with British charm and intelligence.

Previous programs suggested a more than double increase in shopping activity when layering in storytelling social content in addition to awareness TV and shopper in-market digital advertising – which this program topped. This was not about product feature & benefit videos which were accesible on the Jaguar website – this program was focussed on the human side of the brand – a tongue-in-cheek video series featuring two characters, a man and a woman, trying to one up each other’s manners using key features of the XE and F-PACE.

Each key feature is organically woven individual 15-second videos that can be enjoyed as stand-alone's or watched end to end as a very loose narrative. Our duo banters, often using one rule from the guide to counterpoint another, playfully scoring points off each other to create an intriguingly charming tension between them.

17 videos and 40 still pieces of content were delivered against carefully segmented and targeted to the right people at the right time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with a strategic approach to target specific audiences and push users down the purchasing funnel from awareness to consideration by aligning relevant audiences with key messaging. On top influencers took "manners" into their own hands through a series of curated Instagram posts that showcase the #MannerUp campaign to their social audiences.


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We are at our most effective when we connect with our target audience on the basis of a strong cultural insight.

Joe Torpey, National Communications Manager, Jaguar Land Rover USA