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Jaguar Electrifies - The Return to Racing

Engaging new and existing fans with Jaguar's involvement in the Formula E Championship.


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Formula E marks Jaguar´s return to racing – but in a future oriented way driving the perception of the brand´s innovation power. Formula E offers Jaguar a real-world performance test bed for its future EV technology. Participation in the series lays the foundations for Jaguar’s electric future, while credibly paving the way for its first EV concepts and products. Through Formula E, Jaguar reignites its position as a serious contender in the world of motorsport and will be introduced to an entirely new global audience in the process. Exciting fans via high quality digital and social experiences is paramout – as is strengthening the brands electrification credentials.

Formula E is a groundbraking FIA single-seater championship and the world’s first fully electric racing series and complementing the Formula 1 races. The championship centres around three core values of Energy, Environment and Entertainment and is a fusion of engineering, technology, sport, science and design – all combining to drive the change towards an electric future for Jaguar, were the brand will be a leader not a follower. As a manufacturer and team, this is an ideal opportunity for Jaguar to showcase and test innovative technologies which could be found in future vehicles e.g. electrical energy innovations, developing powertrains and battery technologies.

Jaguar´s target audiences contain two main groups: on the one hand the Championship Fanatics; passionate fans who will follow the sport throughout the year – both in and out of 10 race weekends and on the other hand the Local E Prix Follower – People who will become interested when Formula E comes to town.

Dedicated channels on Twitter and Instagram were created to focus on the core targets. Twitter drives real time conversations on second screens, first to market team news, updates and live content, drives fanboost votes across channel and interlink with Jaguar Racing drivers as well as provides race information and “live” commentary. Instagram tells the story of Jaguar’s Formula E journey through premium, inspirational visual content, creates bespoke content to build intrigue and secure engagement as well as ensuring key race updates visually. To connect all content elements cohesively a single hashtag acts as a consistent comms element that unifies multiple areas was also established and is being used in all social communications - #JaguarElectrifies. Jaguar’s Facebook and YouTube channels each have well established audiences and thus offer a great platform to communicate major news.


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Engaging with a fanbase of millions over social media is boosting our ambition for Formula E even further.

James Barclay, Team Director, Jaguar Racing.